I love decorating just as much as I love cooking! The Holiday time is special to me because it gives me the opportunity to combine the two. For those of you looking for inspiration to make your Holiday table complete, you are in the right place. I’ve put together this small guide that will touch on setting the table, serving tips, and decor projects good for making it all pop! Enjoy

Jamiah XOXO

Setting the Table

Place Setting 101

Setting an impressive table for guests is easier than you may think. Start with the dinner plate, top it with a folded napkin and the salad plate. The knife and spoon go to the right of the plate, the fork on the left. Above the plate, wine and water glasses go on the right.

Mix it up with printed and solid plates in various sizes, tied together by seasonal colors. Oh and don’t forget to add creative place cards!

Attention grabbing Center Piece

When creating a centerpiece for my Table, I like to place small pumpkins, fall leaves, candles and candle holders into a tray. This is simple, quick and adds a beautiful touch to the table. I’ll also add water, cranberry and mint leaves to clear candle holder and light tea light candles to float in the water right before dinner time!

When creating a center piece for your table, get creative by using various colors, shapes and other seasonal props and colors!


Serving the Food


If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your home and having guests come over, I’d say do away with having to “pass the Gravy please” and go buffet style! A buffet lets your friends and family get exactly what they want—including seconds and thirds—at their own pace. Even better? Less time spent dishing out food means more time for eating, drinking and socializing!

*Don’t forget to add fresh seasonal fruits, veggies, customized message boards and other decor items to make your buffet table POP!*

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