As a person born into a family of great cooks, I was destined to develop a love for cooking and food. Growing up I started and ended almost every day with a good home cooked meal. I was born in Saint Petersburg, Florida, but my family tree is rooted in Georgia. Most of my childhood was spent between the two. Almost every summer I was shipped off to what I like to call “backwoods” Georgia. Florida living always felt more like a faster pace city lifestyle in comparison to that of “backwoods” Georgia. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the peace and serenity of country life as well as that good old “southern hospitality”. This “southern hospitality” is reflected in my daily life.

I was married and had my first child at a young age. Although I’ve always had a love for cooking and food, being a young wife and mother forced me realize just how important the two were to me. I wanted to make sure I was providing my family with quality home cooked meals that were not only tasty, but were nutritious as well.

​A year into our marriage, my husband joined the military as an active duty serviceman. As a military family, we’ve been forced to move frequently. The upside is that our family has traveled the world. It’s these experiences with new places, cultures and foods that helped fuel my passion for travel. These experiences helped mold, inspire and influence the creativity reflected in my food, home decor and travel adventures.

​This blog is meant to display the passion I’ve developed over the years. I have created this blog to share tasty wholesome recipes, helpful travel tips, and suggestions for home décor. I have created every recipe, photo and text-unless otherwise noted. As I happily share my life and passion, my hope is to inspire someone to step outside of their comfort zone and to try something new!

Peace and blessings,

Jamiah Dancil
Home Cook, Food & Lifestyle Blogger