Barcardi Rum Cranberry Sauce

This Holiday season, do away  with that boring cranberry sauce out the can!  Make your own and add a twist by pouring some rum into it! Don't worry the alcohol will evaporate out making it kid safe! Full Recipe & Video below! Barcardi Rum Cranberry Sauce Ingredients  2 Cups fresh Cranberries 1 Cup orange Juice … Continue reading Barcardi Rum Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry & Persimmon Kale Salad w/ Creamy Avocado Dressing

This is one those salads that are really simple, healthy and delicious!! When it comes to salads, it doesn't get any better than this! Red Russian Kale, Endive, Persimmon, roasted pearl onions and garlic, cranberries, feta, toasted pecans! Oh and I can forget the creamy avocado dressing! Perfect addition to your Holiday Table! Jamiah xoxo … Continue reading Cranberry & Persimmon Kale Salad w/ Creamy Avocado Dressing


I love decorating just as much as I love cooking! The Holiday time is special to me because it gives me the opportunity to combine the two. For those of you looking for inspiration to make your Holiday table complete, you are in the right place. I've put together this small guide that will touch … Continue reading THANKSGIVING GUIDE

Bourbon Pecan Pie Tartlets with Salted Caramel & Chocolate

Growing up I remember my Mother and Grandmother making pecan pies every holiday! The smell of the Pecans roasting in that syrup mixture really lit the house up with a lovely fragrance. If you are looking for a way to put a spin on the traditional Pecan Pie, this is the Recipe for you. I … Continue reading Bourbon Pecan Pie Tartlets with Salted Caramel & Chocolate

Grilled Turkey

Thanksgiving is my family's favorite Holiday. It is literally a foodies heaven! With Turkey being the tradition for Thanksgiving, I had to give you guys my easy, fool proof Grilled Turkey recipe that even the biggest Turkey hater would Love! This recipe is not only easy to make but also packs tons of Flavor. My … Continue reading Grilled Turkey

Seafood Gumbo

Gumbo is a Dancil household favorite! This thick gravy-like sauce with chicken, sausage, shrimp and crab packs lots of flavor and some bite! Im sure it'll be a favorite in your house as well. Get into the recipe below! Jamiah XOXO   Seafood Gumbo Ingredients 1/2 pound sliced andouille sausage 1 pound of crab meat … Continue reading Seafood Gumbo

Herbed Cheese Grits & Shrimp

This dish happens to be one of my favorite's to make and eat! I grew up eating Shrimp and Grits regularly. Whenever I make this I am immediately taken back to my childhood and start reminiscing about times when my mom would make this dish with her own signature gravy sauce. It was so delicious!  It's … Continue reading Herbed Cheese Grits & Shrimp